Congres Internationaal

An international comparison of mortality in psychiatry during WW II and its consequences for actual ethical questions

21 en 22 mei 2016
De Basis, Doorn

The ongoing research by Cecile aan de Stegge and Marco Gietema into the history of the Willem Arntszhoeve during WW II has inspired the German Arbeitskreis zur Erforschung der nationalsozialistischen “Euthanasie” und Zwangssterilisation to ask Aan de Stegge to organize their Frühjahrstagung 2016 in The Netherlands, in order to compare the fate of psychiatric patients in Germany with that of patients in The Netherlands and in Belgium in the years just before and during WW II. The Arbeitskreis is an association of interested psychiatrists, historians, jurists, nurses and former victims that was founded in Germany in 1983. All members concentrate on research into and publications about psychiatric institutions before, during or as a consequence of WW II. They organize two conferences pro year in spring and in autumn. With this Frühjahrstagung 2016 in The Netherlands the Arbeitskreis hopes to realize co-operation between Dutch and German researchers on the subject.